Health & safety

The health & safety of all people including all those that encounter our working activities is our number one priority.

We recognize our corporate responsibilities to both our employees, customers, and the public, and we continually encouraged our team to feel empowered and never accept unsafe behaviour wherever it may occur.
We continue to learn from our experiences which is key to better protecting people in the future.
Communicating our policies to our customers, employees, and suppliers together with investing in the highest standards of training.
Minimising the waste our business produces and ensuring our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Complying with all legal and safety requirements and as a minimum and where possible exceeding them.
Ensuring that our operations are safe for all those who may come in to contact with our working activities.
Accepting responsibility for our actions and its impact on the environment.

Our Statement

It is the policy of Southern Contract Services Ltd that all our work activities are free from hazards. Our employees at all times shall conduct themselves to the highest standards and our products and services are safe to the environment and all those who come into contact with our business activities.

We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our employees, sub contractors and third parties ensuring that any risk to their health and safety is eliminated or reduced to a minimum.
All our employees, sub-contractors and suppliers must abide by the company rules and health and safety policy at all times without risk to themselves or others.
We will constantly seek to improve our standards exceeding Health and Safety Legislation that is applicable to our work activities.